13 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Why I Would Go Back To Colombia In A Heartbeat

I don’t often repeat places when it comes to traveling…there are jut too many adventures out there, too many cultures to experiences, too many places to cherish, but if I could only choose one country to return to, it would hands down be COLOMBIA!     WHY COLOMBIA??? Because it was my first ever sincere Travel Romance: Sometimes places just send our hearts a flutter, give is butterflies, make us glow from the inside! We fall head over heels in Read more…

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17 January 2013 ~ 5 Comments

Farewell My Beloved Cartagena, Colombia: A Glimpse in Photos

Cartagena, you’ve become my home… the butterflies in my tummy as I return from yet another trip, my family and my friends. Your beautiful people, delicious food and tantalizing nightlife have seduced me. Your sun has scorched my skin, your warm heart and infectious energy have consumed me. What I once thought to be a pretty, touristy city good for taking photos and a fun night out, has grown into much more! I hope these pictures give you just a taste of the magic that Read more…

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12 December 2012 ~ 4 Comments

Centro Catalina Spanish School: Learn Spanish and Become Apart of Cartagena, Colombia

Just last month, in the lead up to my thirtieth birthday, I took on a week -long Spanish course with Centro Catalina Spanish School in Cartagena, to once and for all sort out my confusion between tenses and to iron out other wrinkles that have developed over the last 18 months of learning a second language. As many of you know, one of my underlying goals of travelling to South/Central America was to speak Spanish fluently in order to one Read more…

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30 August 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Sailing San Blas: Adventures From the Caribbean

Two months of sailing the ‘high’ seas, four trips under my belt, 40 passengers’ lives changed, 60+ meals served, over 800 photos taken, more than a dozen islands explored…AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!   As I sit here hibernating in the aircon (getting a much needed pedicure) after one whirlwind month of magic, I thought you might be wondering how I’ve been passing my days since I last wrote about “Trading The Cold Weather For Sun, Sea and Sail”  Read more…

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27 July 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Trading Cold Weather and Altitude For Sun, Sea and Sail! (Part 2)

I actually started writing this 2 Part series over a month ago (you can read Part 1 over HERE); the change from cold to warm, mountains to beach life, backpacker to temporary expat. I began as things were only beginning to unfold. But I couldn’t finish it, the change itself still didn’t feel real…  As I lay here (I swear) on the plank off the back of the Black Dragonfly, my new home, job and life as I know it…well, now Read more…

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25 July 2012 ~ 0 Comments

What’s Next: Trading Cold Weather and Altitude For Sun, Sea and Sail! (Part 1)

Well, the journey has well and truly come full circle! I am back in Colombia exactly one year later and can happily say I have travelled South America (of course with more to one day explore.) With a number of Journey List items well and truly ticked off, more hours in buses than I want to remember and one smile inducing moment after another, It’s time for a change of pace… I can’t tell you the feeling of relief and Read more…

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02 July 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration For the Week: 2/7/12

“Your journey never ends. Life has a way of changing things in incredible ways.” ~Alexander Volkov Coming at you from the Carribean Coast and back “home” in Colombia!! A huge week ahead starting my new job sailing between Cartagena, Colombia and Portabello, Panama!! Stay tuned for more updates and this week I’ll reveal the BIG Change I have had! Cheers to a new chapter!! Have a great week! Health and Happiness, Jess 

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08 June 2012 ~ 7 Comments


It’s hard to believe that one year ago I left Australia on a one way ticket to South America with nothing more than a backpack and an open mind. With no real plans, no expectations, I set foot on my 6th continent arriving first in Santiago, Chile….12 months, 8 countries, thousands of photos, hundreds of amazing people and countless of incredible experiences later, I find myself here in Peru taking some solo time to reflect on one hell of a Read more…

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25 May 2012 ~ 4 Comments

POR QUE NO: A South American Concept I’ve Come to LOVE!

A South American Concept; in fact, a widely accepted concept of doing things for the simple reason that YOU CAN…but really, WHY NOT??? Why Not set out with a backpack, a one way ticket, and open mind? Why Not have another…aguardiente in Colombia, Cana in Ecuador, Pisco in Chile, Fernet in Argentina, Capirinha in Brazil…well, you get the idea. Why Not give a part of yourself to a community for just a day, a week perhaps, even a month?  Why Read more…

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04 November 2011 ~ 1 Comment

The Journey List Updated: With a Bit of South America

My Journey List was originally posted back at the start of May 2011. Just 6 months later, I have begun to work my way through, and have found myself adding new adventures to undertake! (You can find all the updates in red!) It looks like quite a few will be ticked off over the next few months, so stay tuned! I’ve included the original content behind the Journey List concept from the previous post in case you missed out… Do you Read more…

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