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Strength, Beauty and Wisdom…Something to Ponder

“You are strong when you know your weaknesses. You are beautiful when you appreciate your flaws. You are wise when you learn from your mistakes.”




Who would have thought a weakness could actually make you stronger? Of course it’s not the weakness itself, but what you choose to do with it. I would like to think overtime I have uncovered my weaknesses, at times have even worked to improve them and at very least, try to remain aware of them. I completely agree with this, knowing your weaknesses, whether you can change them or not, the awareness alone gives you an edge over the rest, and an empowering strength.






Too bad being aware of our own flaws doesn’t give us strength (most of us would feel like Mr Olympia…and all the people so kind to point them out to us, would be our strength coaches!) But seriously, think of your best friend, what drives him/her crazy about themselves be it there thighs, a blemish or something deeper within, those things don’t stand out to you as a negative; they’re your best friend. When we learn that these differences we have, no matter how weird and wonderful, they give us our own unique, beautiful wrapping, and we should grow to appreciate them (not that I am embracing my flaws to the point of allowing my hair to go completely grey for the world to see!)


We’ve heard it a million times “LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES,” but let’s face it, sometimes that is easier said than done. Sure, if I crash my car because I was talking on the phone, I’m pretty sure I would avoid that in the future. But what if it’s as simple as choosing the ‘wrong type’ of person to date or falling back into a ‘bad’ habit?  What makes us learn from these mistakes? Personally, I try to take away a lesson from such events (positive,) which typically results in me building up imaginary walls to prevent a similar situation from happening again (negative.) The end result, you guessed it, a vicious cycle, it happens all over again…BUT I’d like to think I am making smarter choices now than 10 years ago…Perhaps each time we uncover yet another mistake, we get a little bit wiser and one day (fingers crossed it’s in the near future) all that wisdom will come together:)


Did this post get you thinking? Are you:  aware of your weaknesses and using them to your advantage? Embracing your flaws with an unprecedented Brazilian confidence? Exuding wisdom after learning from your mistakes? You should be proud! Share your tips with us below!


Strength, Beauty, (LOVE) and Wisdom,

:) Jess

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