All About Me and How I came to Be….am Coming to Be!

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Where to begin? To start with the past that has “shaped” me and taken me on the path that has led me here. Or to begin with the future in mind, where I want to go, who I want to be? Or perhaps, as I’ve always believed, begin with the present, discuss who and where I am right now, in the moment… The trouble is, the present me, is a very fluid subject, always has been.

I grew up in the US, for the most part as an only child with loving, influential parents, moving around every few years with the military. Wisconsin born in the early 80’s and spent the next 13 years moving through the likes of upstate New York, throughout the mid-west, up to Alaska (where the little gem known as my baby bro was born) and finally back to Wisconsin where I created lasting memories throughout High School and university. (Perhaps this nomadic life growing up has something to do with my inability to settle in one place for long!) With my framed piece of paper proving that I was ready for the real world (haha or so I would have liked to believe,) ready to conquer the health and fitness industry, ready to make a difference, I set off to the great land Down Under for what was meant to be a few months…..and the rest is history.

In September 2005, Melbourne, Australia sucked me in; the people, the lifestyle, the career opportunities, (and all the fun in between)! Australia was my first proper international experience (apart from a week in Spain and in Cancun) and was just the beginning of a life of travel…….of new experiences, of fresh faces, of happy days (and even happier nights) of backpacks and hostels, of this ridiculously evolving accent! In a nutshell, it was just the beginning of my journey!


Upon arrival, I began working with Fitness First as a personal trainer, fitness manager, mentor and group fitness instructor and eventually lectured for personal training courses. This has allowed me to work with a variety of people with a central focus of creating a life changing, educational experience for others. I have continued to educate and grow personally within the health and fitness industry and beyond. I look forward to sharing this with all of you!  I just feel so incredibly fortunate and humbled having the opportunity to help so many people help themselves, be it towards their own health goals or in empowering trainers to help change people’s lives. Its extremely rewarding. I am also eternally grateful that I have been sponsored by my company and am a permanent resident of Australia with my sites set on dual citizenship!

Since arriving in late 2005 I have travelled around Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany), east Africa, Madagascar, well, you get the idea! I have just returned from spending 2 years in 13 different countries of Latin America, immersing myself in the culture, learning to speak Spanish and growing as a person!  (Be sure to check out ‘Where I’ve been’ from the home page to see some fabulous photos and learn more about these incredible experiences!)

I have some very special people in my life here in Melbourne, back in the US and now friends around the world! These people have helped shape me into who you see (and read) today. I truly believe that each of these incredible people, with their smiles and passion, have taught me invaluable lessons, from the wonders of the world or simply something about myself. I only hope that I have been able to do the same for them.

On the 4th of June 2011, I set out on a “truth seeking journey” through South America, moving through another series of chapters in this book of life.  And man did I leap! I moved out of the apartment I had owned a mere 7 months, gave up a career that I was extremely passionate about, left behind the city that I’ve chosen to call home, and gave up the familiar for the unknown…in order to truly embark on my journey!

I can honestly say I have been living the life I’ve always dreamed of, the life I was meant to live; a life of adventure and peace, independence and instantaneous friendships, of living in the moment freely, fearfully, of daily new experiences, new lessons, new found friends, a life I believe epitomizes happiness in every sense of the word! I do hope you’re enjoying this journey half as much as I am and are starting to get a little inspired to live out YOUR dreams and let your journey unfold!

For now, I am being a bit of a closed book as far as my near future. Just know that I am reveling in the moments of a three month stint in Bali, finding my feet back in the US with visions of Australia in the near future. Not to fear my frolicking friends, I am actively facilitating what is to come and allowing the next chapter to unfold exactly as its meant to.

Thank you for taking time out to read a bit about my past and look ahead to the future with me. Inevitably, along the way, you will uncover so much more! If you are still hanging for a bit more, be sure to read MyEpiphany! And Please stay in contact via email and comments below the posts and share your experiences with all of us, too! I would love to learn more about you on this journey!!

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Health and Happiness (and massive hugs!)

:) Jess