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05 May 2015 ~ 1 Comment

Dear Dad, It’s The End of An Era: The Final Blog Post For Journey with Jess Jones

Dear Dad, This may come as no surprise to you Dad, but the time has finally come to bid farewell to Journey with Jess Jones (the blog) and hang up my shiny, enthusiastic blogging shoes.  It’s been nearly four years since I finally followed my gypsy soul and set out on this journey with nothing more than a backpack, an adventurous spirit and an open mind, and at the time, an undying desire to write about it all! The only Read more…

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14 January 2015 ~ 1 Comment

Colorful India in Photos: A Glimpse of Rishikesh

                                          India has been hard for me to put into words. It was certainly an extreme for me as far as lifestyle, mindset and overcoming internal obstacles I didn’t even realize were there. The country itself, was honestly one that I had not been overly inspired to travel just yet, and Rishikesh blew me away with it’s spirituality, kindness and Read more…

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04 January 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration For the Week: 5/1/15 Eckhart Tolle on Peak Experiences and Sunsets

“Blanketed by an azure sky, the orange-yellow rays of the setting sun can, at special times, gift us with a moment of such considerable beauty, we find ourselves momentarily stunned, with frozen gaze. The splendor of the moment so dazzles us, our compulsively chattering minds give pause, so as not to mentally whisk us away to a place other than the here-and-now. Bathed in luminescence, a door seems to open to another reality, always present, yet rarely witnessed.”  ~Eckhart Tolle Read more…

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13 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration For The Week: 15/12/14 on The Ocean

“The ocean calls us to return to the Source, to let go and dive into the new, to rise up in love, to be in rhythm with the flow of life.”   I never realized just how strong the pull of the ocean was on me until I was traveling in Colombia in 2011 and I had one of those “Ah Ha’ moments On The Edge of the Caribbean Coast. For some reason, in the midst of hiking mountains, experiencing Read more…

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10 December 2014 ~ 2 Comments

Life Lessons I Picked Up Unknowingly in India: Some May Call Them The 4 Laws of Spirituality of India

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and the 4 Laws of Spirituality certainly back up this belief! Some call it fate, destiny, coincidence, chance or even luck, but these principles provide a simple framework and really struck a cord with me during my time in India. They came up in discussion over a ginger tea in a riverfront cafe, as Manu Chao played in the background. We were discussing a number of events that one after Read more…

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03 December 2014 ~ 3 Comments

Dear Dad: I Went Back to Bali and Found Closure And Guess What Happened on My 32 Birthday!

Dear Dad, Wow its been a whirlwind of a few months, yet it hasn’t felt as it’s flown but instead each day has been full and for the most part, well spent. I have done everything I told you I would in the last letter…and more! I went to india, and completed another yoga teacher training, meanwhile I fell in love with the country and culture. I embraced the vegetarianism and as promised, maintained my focus inward, on the inner Read more…

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01 December 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration For The Week: 1/12/14 on Peace and Our Attempt at Mt Batur

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” Wayne W Dwyer

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27 November 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Finding a Beautiful Balance Between Effort and Ease

I was twisted up like a pretzel, balancing on one leg, breathing erratically, face scrunched up in misery, sweat dripping from my nose, (at least that’s how I remember it from about a dozen years ago) when the yoga teacher encouraged us to find balance between the effort we were putting in and the ease we were able to find…and it’s stuck with me forever.  I drew on this concept in my own yoga practice to a degree but particularly Read more…

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15 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Inspiration From My 32nd Birthday Week: 32 Things to Just BE

  It’s been a long, beautiful, experience-filled 32 year journey so far and one that I am continuously learning and loving!! Every single day I am learning more about the person I am becoming. So here is an inspiring list of 32 ‘things’ that I am striving to embody, one for every year well lived. I am really interested to hear…. What would you add to your list? Health and Happiness, Namaste. Jess

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05 November 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Namaste From an Ashram Life in India: And My Top 5 Take Home Lessons

“Tonight for the second evening in a row, I found myself sitting in the dark in a small circle around a flickering candle, tears streaming down my face. Chanting from a distant temple lingered, as festival music floated in from the town square. Chiming of the blessing bells rang from the ashram kitchen and incense filled the air, as Swami offered soft prayers and gentle encouragement to very patiently, very persistently continue…There was some aching sensation, some burning in my Read more…

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