Since early 2011, Journey with Jess Jones has been an ever evolving work in progress, however, it has taken me a drastic 5 months of zero posting, 3 in which I let the site become completely inactive, to realize that it was morphing into something that it wasn’t meant to be, something that wasn’t authentically me. You see, for one reason or another, almost immediately Journey with Jess Jones was pigeon holed into the travel blogging category, and while an incredible community to be a part of, it simply was not the intention.  I embraced it, tried rolling with the punches otherwise known as post schedules and x-posting, and reading more Top 10 lists than I ever care to admit, along with a number of other expectations that I was simply no good at adhering to…until it pushed me over the edge.

It’s not that I didn’t put the pen to the paper, it just wouldn’t move!

Originally, the inspiration came from friends and family who enjoyed reading my mass email updates when I was on the road, combined with personal/group training clients and colleagues that encouraged me to share my fitness experience on a more grand scale. The perfect combination of my passions of travel and health/fitness accompanied by my amateur obsession with photography! And so at 28 years of age, as I set out on my own “truth seeking journey,” and I attempted to document that  journey for those that I cared about to follow along…anyone else that was inspired along the way was just a bonus.

So now I’m coming back with a vengeance, or at least one last attempt at sharing some of my wild experiences, magic moments, hints of inspiration that fuel my fire; a means to reconnect with readers and reconnect with my own writing.  So there are no promises of post schedules or perfectly edited photos, and certainly no “how to pack your bag” or “top 17 monuments to see before you’re 30″ kind of writing. Oh hell, I’m not promising anything right now, accept to give it a go, to give you unapologetically ME through writing. There will be inspiration that will no doubt resonate with some of you, more yoga than you’ve seen in past because guess what, it makes me tick, you’ll get a glimpse of where I am not just physically in the world, and sure, I’ll throw in a feature destination when I really feel like a place deserves a shout out. Beyond that, it’s just my journey, one I would love to have you share with me one laugh, story and photo at a time!


To the journey ever after…

…Because YOUR life is a journey not a destination!

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Health and Happiness,

:) Jess