If I were you, I would be asking that same question! Is this just another travel blog with the play by play of every detail of a holiday? ABSOLUTELY NOT!


This is an amazing opportunity for me to combine my biggest passions; inspiration, travel, photography and health and fitness, to share my journey, yes on my travels and also thru my life, to show YOU the world thru my eyes, to inspire YOU to get out there and follow your passion, to inspire YOU to embark on your JOURNEY! Its never too late to begin!

You see, people always say to me “I wish I could do that….I would love to go there, see that….You are so lucky, I wish I could travel….” I honestly believe it is possible (and vital) for EVERYONE to see the world! I have come to believe that it simply boils down to choice. The choices we make on a daily basis lay the foundation for our journey, for our life. But if at this stage, your choices have led you perhaps, in another direction…REMEMBER:

1) the choice was yours to go that way, so enjoy it!

2) the choice is yours to change that direction. All it takes is the first step…

Journey with Jess Jones is my next step, the next phase in my life. And until you’re ready to take that step on your own, I invite you to explore the world with me!

Journey with Jess Jones is in the midst of a facelift! Be prepared for quality content, jaw-dropping photos, health and fitness info to get you/keep you healthy and happy on your journey, yoga magic, more travel tips and tricks than ever before AND inspiration that WILL get you off your butt and on your journey!

NOTE: This is an interactive COMMUNITY! Please, post your comments, SHARE your stories, ASK your questions and please SEND your feedback thru. Remember, TOGETHER we are on our own personal journey, lets make it one worth living!

…Because YOUR life is a journey not a destination!

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Health and Happiness,

:) Jess