25 April 2012 ~ 3 Comments

A Perfect Day in South America, Take 4: Standing On Top Of The World in Rio… AGAIN!

“A Perfect Day in South America” is my way of sharing some of my favourite moments in South America with all of you!  So often I find myself walking with a huge smile across my face and in a state of utter bliss enjoying “A Perfect Day.” These are usually the stories I write home about, spill to my best friends and it ends there. But why not share the love with everyone?! Typically I like to keep my personal stories out of the lime light, but I realized that it will be impossible for you as the reader to understand Journey with Jess Jones, let alone become part of the journey! So please read and enjoy (and go ahead and become sick with jealousy) as I share the PERSONALexperiences that truly make this journey! Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own “Perfect Day!”

Well I just couldn’t help myself, I had to come back to Pedra de Gavea AGAIN! And it was the perfect opportunity with yet another amazing group of people! This time the challenge, to take on the trek in the middle of the night! After the last mission up, even tho I was SURE to lay off the caipirinhas beforehand, I can’t say that I was very confident especially in the dark. But again, I had plenty of reassurance and we set off on the Eve of Good Friday, just after midnight. I was shocked to find the full moon giving off so much light and guiding the way brilliantly. There was something quite special about hiking in the dark, and again, I couldn’t take the smile off my face.

This time when we arrived, there was a spectacular night view just waiting for us and again, not a soul in sight! Peaceful and exhausted we settled in for a siesta under the stars but not before taking in the awe inspiring view and capturing a few pics;)

What felt like moments later, we were greeted warmly by perhaps the most beautiful sunrise I have ever experienced.

I found myself mesmerized by the joy and tranquillity that this special place brought to others and was drawn to their smiles and energy. It was amazing!  This time I really took the opportunity to soak up the overwhelming energy, happiness and peace of Pedra de Gavea.

Again, I was lucky enough to be with another fantastic photographer and good friend this time around so I had to sneak in a few cheeky yoga poses and happy snaps! Thanks again to photographer Edson Santos.

An absolute Perfect Night in South America and perfect end to my stay in Rio, exactly where it began. You’ll remember, I fell in love with this city my first time on top of Pedra de Gavea and I think my heart might still be up there!

A massive thank you and big hugs to all the fun friends that joined me on this trek! Edson, Ronan, Anaelle, and Marina muito obrigado  por todas as vezes surpreendentes! abraços e beijos!! 


Salude y Felicidade,

:) Jess

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3 Responses to “A Perfect Day in South America, Take 4: Standing On Top Of The World in Rio… AGAIN!”

  1. Caza 26 April 2012 at 1:09 am Permalink

    Wow an amazing sunrise and what a city….thrilled you loved your nite hike…..

  2. Jillian Curry 26 April 2012 at 1:34 am Permalink

    Jess, that first photo of the sunset is magic!! I can’t believe you were actually there.. mind blowing, AND with Mr Delicious too ;)

    • Jess 3 May 2012 at 4:05 pm Permalink

      Hehe thanks Miss Curry! You can expect to see that photo hanging proudly on the wall of the JwJJ pad when I ever return! And maybe in National Geographic… ;)

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